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Adam Corolla Podcast — Review

February 17, 2013








I like Adam’s podcast. The live shows are superb, but there is room for improvement with the studio broadcast.

Here’s the deal. Adam and I are from the same generation. We grew up listening to the same music and we both grew up relatively poor. To that extent I can identify with some of Adam’s gripes about people that come from similar backgrounds that blame everyone else but themselves for their problems. But now that Adam is rich and his sh*t doesn’t stink, he’s become something of a bigot. Fear not, however, as I believe that there is still room in Adam’s heart for change.

Adam likes to rant about people that have sh*tty jobs or lives. It reminds me of how my grandparents used to warn me about becoming the trash man if I didn’t apply myself in school. See, now that Adam is a wealthy celebrity he likes to think that he did it all himself; that his success is the result of his own hard work and talents. People that complain about life or just aren’t successful are so because they are either lazy or stupid (or both). Adam, that’s not really how life works. That’s how it works in sports–we like sports because of its purity in that people are there because of their talents. But real life is not a game with rules that are enforced by a ref. There is no instant replay. All along the way there are people that need to say “yes” in order for you to progress to the next level. Sometimes these people don’t even need a reason to say “no” and there is no one watching and the audience won’t even notice.

People that deserved success have been rejected all throughout history. There is no natural law–as much as it might comfort us to think so–that governs who gets wealthy and famous. I could be born into a trust without having lifted a finger. I could have come from a well-established family and simply went with the flow. But just like we admire the champion athlete, we admire that guy that started from nothing and won it all. The reason why we love it is because we think that’s how life SHOULD be, and we know that’s not how it is.


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