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Batman Should Have Been a Black Guy

October 19, 2012

Like most kids from my generation (the kids of the kids of the WW2 generation), I grew up watching reruns of shows that my parents watched as kids. Batman came to mind this morning as a completely lame show. Remember the son of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers? He was right–why are you tying those guys up in a room and leaving so they can come up with their brilliant (and lame) escape? Just pop a cap in the head and be done with it. But you know what would have made Batman–the character–way better than he was or is? That’s right–a Black Batman. Look at Adam West










He seems like a studly guy from the 50s that you would want to take your daughter to the prom, but a crime-fighting mofo? No way. And check out the “dynamic duo”








(are these costumes even serious?)

These characters do not look tough at all. How are they supposed to be super fit, quick, and face-bashingly good at stopping real crime? That’s why Batman should have been a Black dude from the beginning, like this guy.











(oh yeah)

Now this guy would have made a great Batman, especially back in the 60s in the original series. Remember the movie Blade? That was Wesley getting back at us.


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