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Question time: is sex a commodity?

September 14, 2012

We Americans seem to have such great proclivity towards shame. A great insulating barrier is required to protect us from it–marriage. It’s permission to obtain a sexual partner, often, in exchange for a substantial dowry. A new Benz, perhaps?


See this ring? It says I’m owned by my spouse.

On the other side of things we have prostitution. Here we have open exchange of sex for money, drugs, or anything else. Why is this illegal? Well, because while sex is a commodity, society doesn’t wan’t to see it that way. It penetrates our insulating barrier.


Like marijuana and alcohol, prostitution should be regulated. How can we have legalized prostitution in Las Vegas, legalized pot in California, and legalized alcohol everywhere, but for the vast majority of Americans, these things (with the exception of booze) are off-limits? Because we have a proclivity towards shame, and the more shameful of us, the self-righteous, seem to have sway over a great many things that we are allowed to do.


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