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Sexual repression leads to sexual immaturity

September 9, 2012

Long ago when I was a graduate student in an international dorm, I had the pleasure of living with a bunch of, you guessed it, international students. It was probably the best time in my life, but for the fact that my graduate program really sucked. In any case, people from European countries, I’m thinking of Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Russia here, are more relaxed when it comes to conversations about sex and sexual activity. Americans, in contrast, are relatively immature and repressed. For some reason, American women have the idea that if a man is being friendly to them, it means they want to: a) ensnare their heart, b) get them wasted, c) do the nastiest sexual things to them, and d) leave them and tell all their friends. It makes it really difficult to have a conversation when the only thing in her mind is “Oh my god look out for the penis.” The European women I met understand the difference between a long-term relationship and one that is just for fun. There doesn’t have to be a big build-up and let-down for a one-night stand or semester-long fling. One can have the long-term boyfriend back home and the casual sexual encounter at the same time. What is it about our culture that makes us all uptight and repressed? Not sure, but I hate to leave a post with a question on the end.


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  1. Csha permalink

    hi I am from society that conservative about sex. Even simple descriptions of having sex before marriage are talked to be explicit here(which I found romantic and bold). I wonder if that sort of thinking in female adults in mid 20s immature or conservative or childish. Well they are not married but have boy friends who they gossip with. Those guys may be anywhere from repressed to frustrated(not fully revealed, though, till marriage)
    Sex for health, good communion isnt recognised against cater to man’s need as touted by religion.
    God and religious activities cannot be in context of sex or man’s passion. it creates guilt.

    I was googling on how this mentality can be countered their way. n could not find any material.
    Finally posting here for some discussion.
    Hope u can help me understand their vulnerabilities.

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