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Math is the Bible in latin (way over your head)

May 12, 2012


Here is an excerpt from a NY Times article:

Quiz time: Which of the following would save more fuel?

a) Replacing a compact car that gets 34 miles a gallon with a hybrid that gets 54 m.p.g.

b) Replacing from an S.U.V. that gets 18 m.p.g. with a sedan that gets 28 m.p.g.

c) Both changes save the same amount of fuel.

The correct answer is b. In fact, going from 18 m.p.g. to 28 m.p.g. saves more than twice as much fuel as going from 34 m.p.g. to 54 m.p.g. (198 gallons vs. 94 gallons), according to two management professors from Duke University.

What I’d like to point out here is that mankind has become so stupid that we need someone to tell us that an expert told us something in order to believe it, even if simple math could tell us the same thing. Think of it as a matter of efficiency–it takes time to figure stuff out.

Imagine that you drive 1500 miles per month. Here are the numbers on how much each of the above scenario cars costs you per month, assuming gas is 5$/ gallon:

First scenario:

  • 34 mpg = 220$
  • 54 mpg = 139$   (you save 81$)


  • 18 mpg = 417$
  • 28 mpg = 268$   (you save 149$)

So why do I need two professors from Duke University?




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