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Brooks was a kinder, gentler man

April 6, 2012


Prison takes a lot out of a man. We all know it. Brooks was put in prison for murder, just like Charles Manson, but Brooks was a kinder, gentler man. He retained his soul. Manson lost his long ago. I think it has something to do with the crime. Yes, both are murderers, but you kind of get the feeling Brooks’ crime was more nice. It was probably just some accident that he was framed for, like Andy Dufresne. Manson got all caught up in the 60s craziness and went out in the desert and took too much acid. He went nuts and lost his soul. Then he killed some well-to-dos and wrote Beatles quotes in blood. I mean, who thinks that the White Album is secretly a message to the Russians? Only someone completely batshit insane. Look at Manson. You can see the pain in his eyes. How many times has he been anally violated? Probably too many to count. I mean, how many guys in prison want the cred of having raped Manson? Brooks? Not so much. He is just some non-famous murderer who was probably framed anyway. McVeigh ought to have been put in prison like Manson, just so we could see him age in prison and develop that “I’ll never touch titties again” look in his eyes. Death was far too easy.


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One Comment
  1. NC Coot permalink

    Brooks was also played by a really good actor. Manson is just a bad actor.

    Cool post.

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