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Old Master’s lesson number three-hundred and seventy three

March 19, 2012

Old Master and cricket were sitting under a red oak when Old Master said, “Do you know what it means to be a writer?”

“To write,” said Cricket.

“No, that is merely restating the question.”

“To write well.

“You are getting warmer.”

Cricket scratched his head. He looked back upon days in school and thought of his classmates. He remembered an episode that made him feel uncomfortable. One day in class the teacher was returning book reports. He had spent hours reading, preparing, and writing his, but had only received a B. Another classmate who only wrote from someone else’s work the night before received an A. This gave Cricket and idea about Old Master’s question.

“To be recognized as writing well–all is appearance and there is no such thing as talent.”

“This is silly,” said Master, “What are we doing here? The answer is easier than you think. That is what is hanging you up. Come closer, and I will tell you.


Master slapped him on the back of the head.

“Ow, what was that for?”

“For being stupid–how many times have I tricked you into coming closer? Listen, to be a writer you must know three things. First, that you are incapable of doing anything else. Second, that after obtaining a Master’s degree at public university you will probably not find a job as a writer. Third, that it is all worth it.”

“Such a tragic life, Master.”

“Indeed young Cricket, indeed.”


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