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Top government officials declare “Cooperation Day”

March 18, 2012

Today on Capitol Hill, top members of Congress, the US Supreme Court, and President Obama declared August 1st as Lawmakers’ Cooperation Day in an effort to “get more things done.” Several members of the Press Corps brought up the fact that this is directly before the August Recess, in which Congress takes a month off.

“We consider that to be an incentive for Congressional leaders to do something,” said a White House spokesman Jay Carney. “If lawmakers realize that they can’t go on recess until things are finalized then they will vote on stuff that has been sitting around for a while.”

But a number of citizen groups are against the initiative, claiming that it legitimizes procrastination. “What this does is say to lawmakers ‘Don’t do anything until August 1st’. We think they should be working all the time,” said an anonymous NCEC spokesperson.

Curiously, both Democrats and Republicans think this is a good idea. “I’m glad Democrats finally agreed to our idea to institute this day. It just goes to show you what can get done when Democrats are willing to compromise,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner. “Republicans have been stalling on this for a long time,” said President Obama, “and we had to make some serious compromises, like giving raises to everyone in Congress.”

We expect that this issue will be put on the fast track so that lawmakers can focus on their campaigns during the final stretch of the election cycle. Stay tuned for more developments as the story continues.


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